Retrieve NFT related trades based on a selected period.

Response is a link that points to a bulk extract of our enriched dataset containing trades as rows.

Below is an example to download the dataset to a csv file. Also you can try out the API from sidebar.

curl '' --header 'x-api-key: [your_api_key]' | xargs curl > result.csv

You can see a sample extract here.

Here are definitions for columns in the dataset:

Field Format Explanation
marketplace string Marketplace name and id
collection_address string Collection address
mint string Mint address
buyer string Buyer address
seller string Seller address
price double Transaction amount paid by the buyer
signature string Transaction signature (functions as transaction_hash as in Ethereum)
parser string Name of the parser that parsed the transaction
block_height bigint Block height
block_time bigint Block time
parent_slot bigint Parent slot
blockhash string Block hash
previous_blockhash string Previous block hash
slot bigint Slot
sale_type enum "mint" or "secondary"
created_at timestamp UTC timestamp in ISO 8601 format
date string Date string
hour integer Hour

And here is a sample record:

    "marketplace": "MagicEdenV2",
    "collection_address": "6oNpLuaME2HbAgUK4aPvLoPof5VnUXxJPL1eGa6zAKk8",
    "mint": "FJxC6ne8BqYCbrYtHAPchSNJdLBr5fxzWWGC4PJ8RXj9",
    "buyer": "7WEdcmaxiD4fLaEmwQQtc3Hof3fYq9EYVCRWVEpjwacS",
    "seller": "FhUn3tXFN5JrPvkULt2xB6KR45ar4ok86RScN18C8PeU",
    "price": 24.0,
    "signature": "4kTjVytjw2jEweBbL3vF7eaGryWsnnbcUbCNHcqXrCSrXXK7RJMtkTUasn5VvdwTfhmirRwnuhadHZnYGm6sh7rM",
    "parser": "MagicEdenV2",
    "block_height": 120954488,
    "block_time": 1652270054,
    "parent_slot": 133395508,
    "blockhash": "ByXTkFhXYQepE3u69yyVV4V6uL7X2hbyMt7oNa3FKry1",
    "previous_blockhash": "8DNF6BzE9RWWjFQQQxwRe6L4mtHZVs9g5Zh2QxDBn9dy",
    "slot": 133395509,
    "created_at": 1652367789,
    "date": "2022-05-11",
    "hour": 11,
    "collection_name": "Visionary Studios",
    "collection_id": "visionary_studios"

You can also validate the records against a json schema or a big query type schema.

We index new marketplaces within less than 1 week of launch. In the enterprise plan, we can index custom dapps/marketplaces if needed. Here is the current supported marketplaces:

  • Magic Eden
  • Yawww
  • OpenSea
  • Solanart
  • Metaplex (Auction House)
  • Exchange Art
  • FormFunction
  • Fractal
  • Solsea
  • Alpha Art
  • DigitalEyes
  • Orca Whirlpool
  • FoxySwap
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