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Say goodbye to cumbersome on-chain data wrangling and endless hours spent on log parsing. We get you going immediately with the chain data, enriched with off-chain sources. What you get is clean, quality controlled NFT trade and mint datasets.

Provided as a simple, layered API of clean and indexed NFT data encompassing tokes, collections, marketplaces and wallets. We support largest NFT ecosystems with the highest possible data accuracy. Ethereum, Solana, BNB chain and Polygon are live. More L2's are coming very soon.

Here is a quick walkthrough on what you can build with our API:


We parse, index and enrich billions of NFT transactions within seconds of block confirmation, with 50+ marketplaces (including AMMs, OTCs and aggregators), 200K+ collections and millions of tokens.

Start Here

For experimentation and data exploration, we highly recommend you to check out our SDK! If you have a more specific use-case in mind, definitely see below for pointers to endpoints relevant for your use-case.


Trade: Our core data model is a "trade". This includes humanized primary sales(mints), secondary market sales and transfers.

Collection: NFT collection. We index any non-fungible token standard in chains we support (e.g. for Ethereum this is ERC721 or ERC1155). We count one-of-one's also as collections with a single NFT in our dataset.

Activity: An activity for a collection or a token is either a trade or a listing.

Listing: Ask orders. This is off-chain data that we aggregate from major marketplaces in the chains we support.

Insights: This is no fat, valuable metrics derived for a collection/token/wallet from onchain and offchain data. The data points are ever expanding and therefore the schema updates can be frequent for insight models.

Chain IDs: Chain IDs are symbols for mainnet chains: sol, eth, bnb, matic for instance.


The API is structured in a layered way. This means you can access our core humanized NFT trade data as well as higher level data points such as collection insights derived from lower levels.


Depending on your use-case, certain endpoints are more optimized than the others:

Business Intelligence/ML Product Development

If you need deep analytics for BI or a clean, solid base to develop analytics products on top, we recommend you to start with our Datasets API endpoints specifically designed for this purpose. If you want to experiment, our SDK can get you going fast.

Consumer products

If you are building consumer dapps/web apps such as NFT marketplaces you can use the Collection and Token endpoints to consume enriched, ready-to-use NFT data.

Accounting / risk products

Our Wallet endpoints are specifically designed for this purpose along with our streaming API for real-time transaction monitoring.


Real-time sales, transfers, mints and listings API is a solid choice. We are not currently parsing the mempool but if you have custom requirements definitely let us know, we are happy to build 👷‍♂️.


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