Within seconds of block confirmation, get humanized NFT data across all major blockchains! Zash streaming API makes it blazing fast to act on what is happening across all marketplaces and collections.

Getting Started

Connect to our streaming API endpoint: wss://stream.zash.sh with API key in your header.
You can test the connection with wscat:

wscat -c wss://stream.zash.sh -H 'x-api-key':'YOUR_API_KEY'

Data Structure

To make streaming more efficient, the API streams out in base64 encoded compressed parquet format. You can easily decode and get tabular trade data as such in Python for instance:

import io
import websockets
import asyncio
import pandas as pd
import base64

async def connect():
    async with websockets.connect(
        extra_headers={"x-api-key": "YOUR_API_KEY"},
    ) as ws:
        while True:
            raw = await asyncio.wait_for(ws.recv(), timeout=60)



For more chains and real-time feature requests, get in touch!